Where can I find the "best by" date on my bottle of McMasters' Hawg Sauce?
The "best by" date is printed on the bottle above the label. The "best by" date is listed directly following the letters "MUHAWG..." For example, if the bottle lists MUHAWGMAY182019EF, your bottle is best by May 18, 2019.

Where can I buy McMasters' Hawg Sauce?
Our sauce is currently carried in these stores, and online in our store (here) You can also visit us at these events to buy your sauce in person and meet the team behind the sauce!

How can I buy McMasters' Hawg Sauce in bulk?
Contact us at mark@hawgsauce.com for information about bulk purchasing.

Is Hawg Sauce safe for people with nut allergies?

Is Hawg Sauce gluten free?