Our Story: The Family Behind the Sauce


To say the McMasters love barbecue would be quite the understatement. After years of operating a small family-run barbecue restaurant, Mark McMasters decided to take his signature sauce to the public. With rave reviews of his sauce from friends, family, and customers alike, he began bottling McMasters' Hawg Sauce in 2017. 

Based right in the heart of North Carolina in the small town of Rural Hall, Mark, along with his wife and their two children, are turning McMasters' Hawg Sauce into a legend in the making. Meal after meal, they have tried, tested, and proven the concept that it is the everything sauce, the perfect way to top your 'cue, season your chicken, and dunk your fries. 

So come on back to the country with the McMasters and their Hawg Sauce and prepare your taste buds for the best barbecue sauce you've ever had.